•●• 2021 •●•

Application redesign



A startup entity inside a bigger corporation, DEKRA DIGITAL is all about innovation around safety

My role

freelance, short-term contract to fix navigation problems and unify both apps for IOS and Android


Timeline, the project needed "quick fixes" as the MVP was to be released to the client in a month

my process

Step One

This project started with a discussion with the PO.  I needed to understand what the app is for and who will use it. Secondly, I had to get access to the app they already had developed to map out the architecture and identify the user's main paths.

This application is a tool to measure an elevator's performance. Elevator technicians are the primary user. They are sent out into the field to create a report on the lift safety statistics and send them to the office for further analysis.

my process

Step Two

Map out the current views, identify main paths, propose main changes, and align with PO and the development team. Creating a Sketch map that included both versions of the app helped identify elements necessary for the main navigation on the bottom bar.

my process

Step Three - UI elements and branding

On the image below, first is the opening screen before the changes - after it you can see first improvements.