•●• 2019 •●•

Designer in need of code


starting point

Artists' showcase

The first thing to figure out was the way to showcase her work, the photography style, and how to categorize the art pieces. We needed to find a balance between artistic expression and viewers' capacity for absorbing it. I used Webflow for the design to code part, Ovh + digital ocean as the back-end.

tools and techniques used

Accessible from any device

It ended in a simple site that accomplishes the task of showcasing artists' work and making it all accessible and readable from any device. Based on a layout that can be adjusted in time.
What did I learn? - the understanding of simplicity as a great design. The basic setup of a cloud-based server, code validation, and tag & metadata importance.

visit the live website


Take a look at the webpage live. Created using: webflow + digital ocean + ovh.

visit the live website