•●• 2019 •●•

Designing brand identity
for a software house

•●• brand identity, pattern, typography, color, design system

starting point

Building a key visual

A well prospering software house, while busy developing for their clients, neglected their look & feel. First, I got a request to see if my thinking and style matches their need. After that, we collaborated on many components over a year, such as brand design, UX consultation for the new webpage, wayfinding, and others.
I build for them a flexible base to grow with, beginnings for a design system that will incorporate all their products in the future.


Customer expirience

This brand had an established logo but not much more in the sense of branding materials, so I decided to use that and strengthen the image with colors and vector graphics matching it.
It mattered to them not to break with tradition but to make it up to today's standard - logo became the start for a design system encompassing all customer experience areas, welcoming packages for new employees, interior redesign, and online presence.

see the new brandbook