•●• 2019 •●•

Translating business logic
toward a web app

•●• UX, UI, scrum team, reaserch & testing

The challenge

MVP for the US market

The challenge was to redesign a business process that was paper-based into an automated online system. A dashboard to manage the workload and keep deadlines and a checklist for accepting and declining the applications. Difficulties: no previous attempts, so no data to base on, the market chosen for this MVP was United States - trouble with getting access, limited ways for interaction.


Understanding business process

I set up an interview with our first user in the role of Application Reviewer, a colleague based in the US. We had two meetings. First, to gather general knowledge about the current process and the difficulties therein, to identify the pain points. The second was done later in the process to deepen the understanding of the detail for hi-fi mockups before deployment.It was vital to redesign this process into a digital form in such a way so as not to discourage our future users that are more familiar with their old ways.


First client and improvements

As we deployed the feature for testing, we asked our US colleagues to go through the process once again so that we can identify moments we did right and the ones we missed. On this occasion, there also appeared a few ideas for improvement for the next cycle. It resulted in, for example, adding a summary to the dashboard top view so that the reviewer can see at a glance what has happened since his last check-in and evaluate his work for the day adequately.