•●• 2018 •●•

UX study case - Towning

•●• reserch, brand & ux/ui design

The result of a years study concluded in a web app designed to help groups of travelers organize a trip together. The project ended in an MVP done with Axure, using such tools as paper prototyping, user testing, and business model canvas.

axure prototype page
1 - explore

The project started with the task of condensing the topic of travel. The first step was finding people to talk to. Interviews with people who travel at least a few times a year etc. Ofc we had our assumptions of what difficulties we might be solving, but confirming those through interviews showed us that we were not completely on point. This was achieved by conducting a dozen in-depth interviews about habits, frequency, and duration of travel.

These interviews revealed two major trouble areas:
  • agreeing on an idea in a group
  • keeping things straight and in one place
2 - define

The value proposition, as well as experience journey, were useful ways of helping us condensing the ideas and focusing on the deepest trouble areas. During our research, we found many existing apps that touched on one or the other, but none of them combined all that was needed: a calendar, map, and voting.

Main features:
  • Calendar, a planner on what we want to see, e.g what hours the museum is open at
  • Map, to see the distances between attractions that we can plan the nearby ones on the same day
  • Vote, feature to agree on that we want to see together so everyone can feel included
3 - model

Writing user scenarios helped us to pick out what features we will need. Starting with design sprints we created sketches that concluded with a paper prototype. After a few ad hoc tests on the paper prototype users quickly corrected some of our assumptions. As with every step of this process, we realized that what you think doesn't matter that much - asking people what they think and see, give better outlines for what's needed.

4|5 - prototype & test

Testing on a live prototype was the best part. Quite quickly we could see that the main navigation needs to be reorganized. User flow was interrupted. Using an axure prototype we could fix it and start another round of testing in a short amount of time.

The project ended not with a pixel-perfect prototype but with a working solution that we could test and refine.


Take a look at the axure prototype.

axure prototype page