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Writing for web -chosing the tone

•●• UX writing, reaserch, requirements gathering

tone of voice

Setting the tone; Dear, Hi, or Hello?

Softening the communication - sometimes its more comfortable to stay with the old ways, make things official, take a step back. Changing the tone to a friendly conversation was not a natural step for a company with a lengthy history.
The project Umbrella is an influence and an example of a different approach.The screen below is an email notification sent to the client, especially relevant to me because of the discussions we had over the little Hi at the beginning, designed using Mailchimp for browser compatibility.


Validation messages

Microcopy was the beginning of our editorial style guide. The initiative came from our quality engineer working on automation tests. He very rightly pointed out that the programmers working on various screens were using different messages, and we needed to net up a universal language.